New To UQ Boxing

I’ve never done boxing before, does this matter?

No, if you come to boxing to learn we will teach you! On the first Tuesday and Thursday of each month, we take first time boxers aside to teach them the basics. In March and August we do this every Tuesday and Thursday.

Do I need to bring my own equipment?

No, our club is equipped with bags, gloves, focus mitts, weights, speed balls, skipping ropes etc. We also have headgear for sparring; however you will not be permitted to spar unless you are a member of the Club and are wearing your own mouth-guard. ​We also recommend purchasing hand-wraps for your protection of your wrists and knuckles. These can be purchased at UQ Boxing for $10.

Do I need to book beforehand?

No you don't. Just show up to any of our classes.

Do I need to fill out anything before my first class?

No, you will not need to fill out any forms beforehand. If you choose to become a member by purchasing a 10-Trip or Semester Pass you will have to fill out a membership form at the end of a session.

What should I wear?

It is recommended you wear clothes you feel comfortable exercising and moving around in as well as bringing sneakers (i.e. runners, sport shoes, athletic shoes).

Do I need to bring my student ID card?

No, you will not need your card but you will need to know your student number for when you first sign up as a member.

Where are classes located?

Classes are located in the Martial Arts Gym of the UQ Fitness Centre (Building 25). Walk past reception towards the bathrooms and follow the staircase to the top and turn left to locate the Martial Arts Gym.

I am in first year and not yet 18, am I able to join the club?

Yes, we take members of all ages, you are welcome to join the club at any session.

Do I have to start classes at a particular time of year?

No, you are welcome to attend your first session throughout any time of the year. We would recommend if you are a new member to attend a few weekday classes first.

Are classes mandatory, will I have to attend every session every week?

No, you can attend classes at your own discretion. Members who do not attend regularly often buy Single Trips or 10-Trip passes which have no expiry date and can be used throughout the year.


Do I need to be a UQ student/staff/alumni?

No, you do not need to be a part of the UQ community and our club’s membership is a mix of backgrounds and ages.

What payment types do you support?

We currently only support cash payment which is done at the end of every session. We will be supportng EFTPOS transactions in the near future, refer to our Facebook page for the latest updates.

How do I become a member?

Simply buy purchasing a 10-Trip or Semester Pass you become a member of the club.

Are the Dynefitness (Cardio) Classes covered by the 10-Trip or Semester Pass?

No, 10-Trip and Semester Passes only cover UQ Boxing sessions and not the Dynefitness classes.

Does my UQ Sport membership cover these classes?

No, our classes do not fall under the UQ Sport membership.

Are these classes the same as the UQ Sport Boxing sessions?

No, our sessions are run independently of UQ Sport organised sessions.

What Are Classes Like

Are there girls in the club?

Yes, we have had females for both competition training and for general fitness. We welcome everybody into the club.

I just want to improve my fitness; do I have to spar with other people?

No, many members come to training as a way of improving their fitness with no intention of getting in the ring. Only members of the club are permitted to spar. As well as providing serious coaching for competitions, we can give training for self-defense or provide a challenging and fun sport to improve fitness.

What happens on a Sunday session?

Sundays are un-coached and offer the chance for a self-directed training session where members are able to come in and work at their own pace using club equipment. These sessions are quieter than weekday sessions; however, unless you have boxed before, it is best to attend a few weekday classes first until you are confident training without direction.

Do you teach Muay Thai, Kickboxing, MMA etc.?

We only focusing on traditional boxing technique and sparring as well as fitness and do not teach Muay Thai, kickboxing, MMA or other forms of martial arts.

Do you offer trial classes?

We do not offer trial classes currently, but you are welcome to attend any weekday session and purchase a single trip. If you choose to continue attending sessions, it is also possible to purchase a 10-Trip or Semester Pass at the end of your next session.

Opening Hours

Do you train over the holidays?

Yes, training is held nearly all year round from early January to mid-December. This means we are open over both the June-July and November-Feburary semester breaks as well as over the mid-semester. Refer to our Facebook page for specific dates.

Am I able to train outside of the regular opening hours?

Currently we are unable to provide a location to train outside of the stated session times.


How can I purchase a UQ Boxing singlet/shirt/hoodie/trackpants?

See one of the executives at a session who will be able to provide you with merchandise. Prices can be found on our Facebook page.