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Come Meet the Crew

Want to join UQ Boxing in 2021 but don't know where to start, or just looking to say hi to some familiar faces?

Pop by our stall in the Great Court on Wednesday 17th February 10 am - 2 pm. Say hi to our team and ask any and all questions you have for us.

Keep an eye out for any merchandise we will be selling on the day, stocks are limited. First come, first serve.

Follow our Facebook Page for the latest updates!

Wed 17th Feb

UQ Market Day

Great Court, 1 - 5pm

Tues 25th Feb

Sem1 Passes Begin

Membership included.

Sat 10th Apr*

Semester 1 BBQ

Details TBC closer to event.


Semester 2 BBQ and AGM

Details TBC closer to event.


Just want a Saturday Snag without the workout?

Once a semester we come together to host a BBQ as an opportunity for our members to socialise and unwind.

During second semester this event also facilitates our Annual General Meeting, in which our members vote for the following year's club executives. Furthermore, it is an opportunity for any of our members to voice their opinions on the running of the club, so that as a club we can grow and improve for our members.


Learn the secret formula of the Sweet Science

A recent addition to our social calendar has been the Sweet Science Series. It is an opportunity for members to share their knowledge and passion for boxing in a relaxed forum.

At each event we have several featured speakers elaborating on topics close to their heart in the world of boxing. Such topics including fighting styles including featured matches, as well as covering the general rules of competition matches and even helpful training tips.


Discussion is encourage throughout each segment as these workshop evenings are intended to be an opportunity to develop your fight I.Q. It is an event open to everyone whether you have joined the club for fitness or for those members who have started sparring at sessions.

Mid March*

Sweet Science Night V

Details TBC closer to event.

Late July*

Sweet Science Night VI

Details TBC closer to event.

Mid Sept*

Sweet Science Night VII

Details TBC closer to event.


Sweet Science Night VIII

Details TBC closer to event.

During 2021

Varsity Club Clash

Details TBC closer to event.


Competition Season

The Varsity Club Clash is an annual competition held between the University of Queensland (UQ) and Queensland University of Technology (QUT) across multiple sports since 2017. Boxing is one of several sports whose overall competition results contribute to their university's cumulative points.

Exhibition rounds are friendly unscored bouts intended to promote the sport of boxing at both universities. Whilst, competition rounds are scored and the team winning the majority of matches will have one point awarded to the overall VCC competition score.



Annual Dinner

Details TBC closer to event.

Time To Unwind and Celebrate

As a shared moment to reflect on the success of the year, our members come together for the Annual Dinner. It is a time to suit-up and celebrate, as well as unwind and socialise in the final months of the year.

Leading into the event members have the opportunity to vote for Member of the Year, someone who has reflected the values of the club and made significant contributions throughout the year. On the night the votes will be finalised and the shield awarded.

* Denotes tentative date, refer to our Facebook page for the latest details.


Stay Up-To-Date


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